At North Eastern Arms we stand by all of our products. Period. We proudly offer a lifetime warranty that covers any defects in material or workmanship error. 
All returns and warranty work will be handled directly by North Eastern Arms. To commence with a warranty submission claim please fill out a Warranty Submission Form and send it to for further steps and instructions or login to to create a ticket. 

Any product submitted with no warranty issue discovered will be charged at our normal shop rate as well as return shipping. Any product requiring warranty work will be repaired/replaced free of charge and return shipping included.

Any unauthorized, repair, misuse, abuse, modifications or alterations of this product is not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not include normal and expected wear of components, exterior finishes and appearance through extended use. This warranty does NOT apply to Military and Law Enforcement end users.

Modification and Alteration Warning
Every North Eastern Arms product is carefully designed leaving no allowance for modification or alteration; doing so can have adverse effects on the product and your personal safety, therefore voiding the warranty. It is your responsibility to ensure that any parts you acquire are designed for this rifle and are properly installed, without aftermarket modification. Failure to assemble your rifle properly or the addition of altered or incorrect parts, cannot only damage your rifle, it can cause serious injury to you or others. If unsure of anything, please contact North Eastern Arms or a qualified gunsmith to assist.


Warranty Card Form
Warranty Submission Form

Before you contact us - Have you looked in our FAQ?

Q - What is not covered by your warranty?
A - Any unauthorized repair, misuse, abuse, modification or alteration of the product or failures caused by 3rd party accessories are not covered by this warranty. 

Q - I did not get a warranty card with my rifle, where can I get one? 
A - A warranty card can be downloaded direct HERE. Please print the card and mail it in to the address provided. 

Q - If I believe that I have a warranty issue, who should I contact?
A - If you believe that you have a warranty issue, please contact us directly using the form below. Please be as detailed as possible and, where available, attach photos or other documentation. We will reply to your concern within two business days.

Q - I am experiencing a firearm malfunction, what should I do?
A - Immediately take your rifle out of service. Do not use your firearm until you have contacted NEAG Inc staff and you have been given direction. 

For general inquiries please contact the appropriate department found on our Contact Page.


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